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Price: $197.00


E.I. 0-10 - Facilitator DVD Package
This package includes Emotional Intelligence 0-10.  Pick from any of the following to add to your order, including an additional "Emotional Intelligence 0-10" DVD for only $25.

Styles of Communications DVD
This powerful DVD portrays the four principal styles of communication contained in the Anderson & Anderson curriculum for adolescents, adults, and executive coaching. The ability to speak up in an effective, assertive manner is a necessary skill for all interpersonal interactions. This DVD replaces The Art of Assertiveness and Ya No Mas, which have previously been used to teach communication styles.

The Styles of Ccommunication explained on the DVD are:
Passive Communication:  The passive communicator avoids direct eye contact, fails to accurately express his/her or her feelings, and tends to have low self-esteem.  His/Her anger is self-directed rather than to the source of anger.
Passive-Aggressive Communication:  The passive-aggressive communicator often sounds passive but is hostile in his/her manner of speaking.  He/She often uses sarcasm and other hostile gestures to get his/her point across.  The listener is left without any indication of what the passive-agressive communicator needs or wants.
Agressive Communication:  The aggressive communicator invades the space of the listener, speaks in a threatening manner, and may throw objects, glare or attempt to intimidate the listener.  He or she often attempts to blame the listener for whatever the source of the disagreement may be.
Assertive Communication:  The assertive communicator speaks in a reasonable tone, establishes eye contact with the listener, uses "I messages", and clearly states his or her needs, feelings and requests.  He/She invited the listener to work towards a mutually satisfactory resolution of the conflict.  He consciously influences the listener by his/her own behavior.  He/She demonstrates skills in emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence 0-10 DVD
Emotional intelligence is a key concept in healthy interpersonal relationships. This powerful enactment of the spokes on the Anderson & Anderson Contrasting Wheels of Behavior demonstrates the value of emotional intelligence in enhancing interpersonal relationships. 

Emotions are one of the main things that hamper communications and persuasions. Once people start getting upset at one another, reason goes out of the window. If you can identify and control your own emotions you have good chance of winning any argument. If you can sense the emotions of others, you have a chance to influence them. It all starts with yourself and your own emotions.

Participants will observe specific areas of improvement to focus on and a structured, step-by-step approach to developing the required emotional competencies to bring more creativity, energy and intuition to relationship with others, whatever the industry or field.  

This DVD is a must for providers and coaches to teach skills in listening, speaking, empathetic responses and much more.

Session 1 DVD
A real, live, videotaped class using the Anderson & Anderson anger management curriculum. This session is led by the internationally-renowned anger management guru, George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CEAP. 

Session 1 demonstrates the importance of a structured curriculum with pre and post tests. It shows the interrelationships between the four anchors on which the Anderson & Anderson model is based. These anchors are: the control log, group rules, negative wheel of interactions, and the positive wheel of interactions. 

This DVD is an excellent marketing tool, a good orientation for new members, and a continuing education module for trained facilitators. The DVD, “Session One” can be used as an orientation for new anger management group members and new facilitators. It can also be used as a quick review for ongoing groups. It demonstrates the use of the psycho-educational approach to group intervention.

Carefully review the video at your own pace and use your experience and knowledge of group process, dynamics, styles of leadership, cohesions, resistance, confrontation and positive role modeling to answer the questions at the conclusions of this dvd.

This DVD gives a rare view of the Anger Management Guru, George Anderson, demonstrating how this impressive curriculum is designed to work

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