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Anger Management Class Schedule for All Locations

The Anderson & Anderson anger management classes provide education for people who are interested in or who need to learn how to deal with their anger or someone else’s anger in a positive, functional way. Participants may include people who internalize anger as well as those who act it out verbally or behaviorally towards friends, family, work or personal relationships.

Anger Management Classes for Court referrals, Business, Executives, Students, Athletes or volunteer clients.

The popularity of this model is such that it was selected by Sony Pictures for use in it’s upcoming Movie entitled “Anger Management” starring Jack Nicholson, Adam Sandler and Marisa Tomei. George Anderson, Director of Anderson & Anderson is the Anger Management technical consultant on this movie.

Since the attacks of September 11 and other world events, there has been a dramatic increase in referrals to anger management programs worldwide. Many of our referrals are from Colleges and Universities, courts, business and industry as well as self and family referrals. The increase in referrals has made it necessary for us to offer accelerated classes in both the Brentwood and West Covina offices.

Anger Management Classes for Court Referrals, Employees, Family or Self-referred Clients