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Styles of Communication - DVD

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Price: $197.00
This powerful DVD portrays the four principal styles of communication contained in the Anderson & Anderson curriculum for adolescents, adults, and executive coaching. The ability to speak up in an effective, assertive manner is a necessary skill for all interpersonal interactions. This DVD replaces The Art of Assertiveness and Ya No Mas, which have previously been used to teach communication styles.
The Styles of Ccommunication explained on the DVD are:
Passive Communication:  The passive communicator avoids direct eye contact, fails to accurately express his/her or her feelings, and tends to have low self-esteem.  His/Her anger is self-directed rather than to the source of anger.
Passive-Aggressive Communication:  The passive-aggressive communicator often sounds passive but is hostile in his/her manner of speaking.  He/She often uses sarcasm and other hostile gestures to get his/her point across.  The listener is left without any indication of what the passive-agressive communicator needs or wants.
Agressive Communication:  The aggressive communicator invades the space of the listener, speaks in a threatening manner, and may throw objects, glare or attempt to intimidate the listener.  He or she often attempts to blame the listener for whatever the source of the disagreement may be.
Assertive Communication:  The assertive communicator speaks in a reasonable tone, establishes eye contact with the listener, uses "I messages", and clearly states his or her needs, feelings and requests.  He/She invited the listener to work towards a mutually satisfactory resolution of the conflict.  He consciously influences the listener by his/her own behavior.  He/She demonstrates skills in emotional intelligence.

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